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good morning, america. breaking now, that massive fire north of l.a. reaches the pacific ocean right up to those lifeguard shacks right there. 2,000 homes threatened by the firestorm fueled by dry, hot winds. million-dollar mansions going up in smoke. breaking new details on the boston bombers' true target. their plans to attack on the fourth of july. urgent new questions now for the widow of the older suspect and the phone call she made after the chase with her husband. police video leaked overnight of reese witherspoon's run-in with the law. >> i have to obey your orders? >> yes, you do. >> i do not. >> reese. >> i did absolutely nothing. >> the surveillance tape leaked after her apologetic interview right here on "gma." ♪ i love it.
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and our huge "gma" special event. we are counting down right now to the ultimate "deals & steals." the biggest we have ever unveiled live in times square. ♪ >> get ready, america, because you're going to love it! ♪ ♪ i let it burn ♪ i don't care i love it and happy friday, everyone. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas back and trying to figure out what is in that big gold box. tory is not saying a word. >> the biggest thing anybody has ever given away on "gma." dancing to that great music and waiting to see what's in the box. >> coming up. but right to nose -- to those out-of-control fires burning to the pacific coast. you see this pesticide plant throwing toxic smoke into the air.
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the winds are so strong, here's what they sound like right in the middle of the firestorm. firefighters been working all through the night going door to door and abc's david wright is on the fire lines north of los angeles and, david, boy, we see those fires right behind you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. it is hot, it is dry. it is windy, perfect conditions for wildfire. this wildfire has now consumed about 12 1/2 acre or 12 1/2 square miles and growing. 2,000 homes and 100 businesses in harm's way and as you said, it stretches all the way to the ocean. from the air and on the ground. >> so much of that heat this way. >> reporter: a desperate battle of elements, water versus fire. and air. wind to be more precise. walls of flame and a ceiling of smoke here on the scorched earth, it can often seem like a futile effort. >> right here.
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embers all over the place. >> reporter: million-dollar homes burst into flames, despite the best efforts of firefighters to protect them. >> i actually watched mine go up in flames along with my boat. i can look up on the hill and it's completely gone. >> reporter: nearly a thousand firefighters are here on the ground. backed up by more than a hundred fire engines, half a dozen helicopters, an army of humans against mother nature. not exactly a fair fight. homeowners had to clear out with little warning and not enough time to grab precious possessions. abc's akiko fujita is here on the fire lines. >> reporter: the winds out here have been so strong, this fire has traveled five miles in just two hours. those flames back there are headed straight for the ocean. >> reporter: a mere garden hose doesn't seem like much protection at all. humans weren't the only ones on edge. farm animals and wild animals ran for their lives.
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as for today, the forecast calls for high winds continuing at least through the morning, that's made tackling this fire so tricky, because those winds whip up and it carries the fire very fast. george? >> the only good news we have for that area, george, is that the wins come down a little today and down less tomorrow. again, the pictures coming out of california are just heartbreaking but it is exactly the three things that will drive the worst fire seasons and all happening together at one time, the incredibly dry ground there, 3% humidity in the air yesterday in the fire zone, record high temperatures already in the 90s and even add to that the stronger winds make it a fourth, santa anas, that are a little too strong this time of year. the winds die down. one more day of very strong temperatures. but i think the picture you're seeing from this spring will lead into a really tough summer for this area. we don't see this pattern breaking and we'll talk more
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about that later this morning. take a look. the cooler temperatures back into san francisco, ever so slightly, but 91 to sacramento, from l.a. to sacramento so still an awful lot of heat in this zone. winds die down. not getting any appreciable moisture. we'll show you when we come back how they fall back, the temperatures, over the weekend. elizabeth? >> wow, what a terrible situation. sam, thanks. now to the very latest on the boston bombing investigation. and the headlines this morning that the tsarnaev brothers were originally planning to attack on the fourth of july, but moved their plans and their bombings up to patriots day. abc's brian ross is tracking it all very closely. brian, they actually achieved building those bombs faster than they thought they would. >> that's exactly what happened, elizabeth. according to a person briefed from the case the surviving brother told the fbi the marathon became the target only because it didn't take them as long as they thought to build the bombs. they were eager to attack. ♪ >> reporter: the original target was supposed to be a july 4th
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event in boston. according to the person briefed on the younger brother's statement. the famed boston pops concert and fireworks on the esplanade was not specifically named but it is one of the most prominent july 4th events in the country broadcast nationally by cbs with an estimated crowd of about 500,000 people. the point was to attack america, officials say, in keeping with the internet preachings of the now dead al qaeda recruiter anwar al awlaki who the brothers said was the inspiration to carry out jihad against the united states. >> we have chosen the path of war in order to defend ourselves. >> reporter: the brother also reportedly told the fbi that the bombs were constructed in the cambridge apartment of his brother tamerlan and that they were able to build the bombs from pressure cookers and fireworks quicker than they had expected. >> they might not have had the resources as we've seen in other bomb attacks, but they knew how
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to make the bomb go boom. >> reporter: according to the person briefed on the case, the younger brother also said they were eager to use the bombs before july and on april 12th drove around the area and considered attacks on the boston and the cambridge police headquarters and only then the brother reportedly told the fbi did they realize preparations were being made for the marathon and settled on the race as their target. if it is true as the brother reportedly said to the fbi that the bombs were built in tamerlan tsarnaev's apartment, it raises further questions about his widow -- what his widow knows. she's now going by her maiden name and she's denied knowing about the bomb plot but the fbi continues to press her including questions she made in a phone call after the fbi started to look for him. george and elizabeth. >> interesting she is no longer cooperating with authorities apparently in that investigation. thanks so much. now to josh for the other top stories developing. a plane crash overseas. >> and a bad one. good morning to both of you. all of you.
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we'll begin with that breaking news. word that a u.s. air force plane has crashed en route to afghanistan dropping off the radar in kyrgyzstan and rescuers are rushing the remote scene to search for the boeing 707 believed to be a refueling plane which typically has three crew members on board. more details as soon as they come available. also breaking overnight, dozens of homes evacuated near baton rouge, louisiana, after an oil tank ruptured and exploded in the city of denham springs. the resulting fireball shot 30 feet into the air. a second oil tank thankfully did not explode but was bulging from the heat. so far, no injuries have been reported. and a reward is being offered in the case of that missing mother from michigan who vanished while closing up the gas station where she worked. abc's alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: overnight inch by inch police search the michigan state park for any sign of jessica heeringa, but no luck. the ground search at the park was ordered after someone reported hearing gunshots.
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it's been a week since heeringa vanished as she was wrapping up her late night shift at this exxon mobil gas station in norton shores. >> there's no way that she would just leave like that on her own free will. no way. that's not -- that's just not going to happen. she's not going to do that. >> reporter: police are on the hunt for this man, authorities say this suspect was seen at the gas station in a silver minivan about the time she disappeared last friday night. the station did not have security cameras, but investigators released a second surveillance video from a nearby business showing the silver minivan driving away. they've received more than 500 tips and questioned more than 20 and the search is growing. thousands of flyers and now a $15,000 reward for any information that could help this heartbroken community get some answers. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> we hope those answers come soon. we turn to the economy now some better than expect td news
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for the job market this morning. the government just reported that roughly 165,000 jobs. the unemployment dropped 7.5%, a four-year low. but there is some good news for people planning a summer vacation. after years of soaring summer airfares, prices are dropping this year. even for some of those popular destinations including new york, chicago, washington, d.c., and honolulu. and a moving moment here in new york as a soaring symbol of resiliency was raised to new heights. the 20-ton spire that will top the new world trade center has been hoisted to the roof and once in place, the building will become the tallest in the western hemisphere at a symbolic, a fitting 1776 feet. and finally, baseball, at least for one night, went to the dogs in texas. the rangers holding their annual bark in the park event.
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thank you, lara. as you can see, 43 degrees at first pitch in arlington, texas, in may. >> yeah. >> but the highlight of the first pitch, a friend of the program, norman, the celebrity dog who can ride virtually anything with wheels apparently he can also, well, that's something of a fastball just a bit outside. oh, but, boy, he eventually did agree to fetch it and bring it and the first pitch was thrown, under way to a degree. it was close. >> good. >> thanks, josh. we're going to turn to what looks like a growing backlash against senators who oppose background checks for gun buyers after the newtown killings coming face to face with the victims' families. jeff zeleny covering this from washington. >> reporter: some senators who voted against this gun control
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legislation, they feared a backlash from the gun lobby and pro-gun voters in their states. what they may not have expected, though, is this frustration and fury they're feeling from the other side. now back home in their districts, senators who opposed the president's legislation are confronting what they never thought they would. angry voters. your sign says shame on you. who is that directed to? >> to senator ayotte. >> reporter: and even angrier victims of gun violence. >> why did she do it? why did she vote against the bill? >> reporter: gilles traveled to new hampshire on thursday to face down republican senator kelly ayotte. he came on behalf of his daughter lauren, a first grade teacher killed at sandy hook elementary school. >> i feel i have to do something not to avenge but to -- sorry to cry. for my daughter. i'm going for my daughter. i hope we can prevent any of this in the future. >> reporter: rousseau carried lauren's picture and death
7:13 am
certificate and he's trying to understand how so many voted for something eight in ten americans support. senator ayotte says she thinks it would not prevent another sandy hook. >> mental health is something in these mass violent situations i think we should be able to come to some improvements on. >> reporter: across the country arizona republican jeff flake who also voted no is facing an angry backlash too, posting on facebook he says his public image is now, quote, somewhere just below pond scum. >> i'm not going away. i'm not giving up and neither are these people out front. >> reporter: the nra is opening its annual convention today in houston and some newtown families and other victims of gun violence plan to be on hand to show their opposition to the gun lobby. what they're trying to do here, george, is to convince congress to re-open the gun debate but a top senate aide tells us it may happen later this month but it's not likely. george. >> thank you very much, jeff.
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>> we'll have a lot more sunday on "this week" and our powerhouse couple, james carville and mary matalin. we were going to turn to the mysterious and sudden death of a prominent and popular pennsylvania doctor, also the mother of a 6-year-old. she collapsed suddenly at home and police say tests later revealed high levels of cyanide in her blood. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to figure out who could have given autumn klein an esteemed pittsburgh doctor, a toxic dose of cyanide and why anyone would have wanted her dead. klein seen here in a video produced by the discovery channel. >> preconception counseling is incredibly important to women with epilepsy. >> reporter: was a beloved professor. the chief of neurology at the university of pittsburgh medical center until she suddenly collapsed in her home late last month. her husband, a well-known area neurosurgeon reportedly called 911.
7:15 am
>> she was young, she was vibrant, a young doctor. we were just stunned. >> reporter: the 41-year-old mother was raced to the hospital, but died three days later. that, police say, is when the mystery began. cyanide a hard to detect poison was found in her system. >> extremely toxic. you could put it on food or in a capsule. a size of a capsule is enough to kill somebody. >> reporter: donald and carolyn knew klein since she was a child and they can't imagine why someone would have targeted her. >> you know, it was not her time, but maybe god needed her more than we did. >> reporter: in addition to her research, klein was popular with patients, focusing on helping pregnant women with neurological diseases. overnight her family told abc news she was an excellent doctor and mother. "we cannot imagine somebody harming our daughter," her parents said in a statement "but from what we're told she could not have harmed herself." and while they have not named a suspect police say homicide detectives are conducting
7:16 am
what they call a death investigation. unfortunately, final toxicology results could take weeks. george, elizabeth. >> all right, gio, thank you so much. and let's go back to sam with all the record-setting snow and freezing temperatures. >> we're going to do that. now we've done the heat and fires, we're going to go to the snow that's still out there. let's talk with tanzania city and pictures of that area just missed their record by an inch but south of the city it is there, fully the record snowfall. states that got record snowfall, minnesota, wisconsin, iowa, never had more snow in may than they had this year in may and look at the cold air that follows. dallas, an early morning record low, by the way, all the way deep into texas is this cold air and that's part of the reason why it's so dry, hot and windy out to the west, so we've really got to flatten out the jet stream and get rid of the cold and extreme heat. sorry to give you this news but in the southeast and a good part of florida this is a very wet weekend. we'll talk more about the totals as we go through the day today. just wanted to give you the heads-up for that.
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>> all of america's weather in the next half hour. in case we haven't said it yet, happy friday. >> happy friday. >> we're all giddy. friday. >> thank you, sam. >> thank you, sam. we have some surprising news about a product millions of us use every day. it turns out that antibacterial soap could actually do more harm than good. dr. richard besser has the story. >> reporter: after more than 40 years on the market, the fda says it is still reviewing triclosan, a popular antibacterial chemical found in everything from soap to body washes, to toothpaste, could be doing you more harm than good. it comes amid growing questions from scientists and consumer groups about the safety of the chemical. after recent animal studies suggested triclosan could increase the risk of hormone problems such as infertility or early puberty. the soap and detergent industry called those overblown.
7:19 am
>> the fact is triclosan is safe has an extensive track record, human health and environmental safety. >> reporter: while the fda says animal studies, quote, don't always predict effects in humans, this morning some consumer advocates are questioning why triclosan is still being used. especially because the fda says it has no evidence soaps made with triclosan, quote, provide any benefit over washing with regular soap and water. >> richard, cut through the debate for us. >> i'm concerned whenever we're exposed to a chemical where there's no proven benefit. here it's easy. if your doctor hasn't told you need a special soap, plain old soap and water works great, prevents all kinds of infections. you want to read the label. if it says triclosan, if it says antibacterial, antimicrobial ask for a soap that's just plain soap. >> don't take the chance. >> there's no reason to take the chance. >> is it in all toothpastes?
7:20 am
>> toothpaste, it has been shown to prevent some gum disease but soaps, body washes, no reason to go that way. >> thanks so much. and coming up, closing arguments by jodi arias' defense team are about to start after a dramatic day in court where the prosecution made its case calling her a manipulative liar. and the bizarre story of the mother who vanished a decade ago believed dead but turning up alive. what her children are saying now about reconciling. and we have the full police surveillance video. it was leaked overnight. reese witherspoon's run-in with the law and her husband, again, if you remember her apologetic interview with george right here on "good morning america" yesterday, well, you're going to want to see this. lara? >> i wish i could hear. it is out of control outside. tory, i demand you tell me. >> i'm sorry. i can't. security is protecting us. >> security is holding the crowd. what is the biggest deal or steal ever? you'll find out. rich, hold them. hold them.
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>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. fire crews at both ends of the state are fighting two major wildfires including in ventura county which is at 10,000 acres and threatsening 2,000 homes. bay area crews are pitching in. san mateo and san ramon have
7:25 am
sent aid with more resources headed for another fire burning in butte meadow that scorched 10,000 acres and are only ten percent contained. the friday morning commute, leyla gulen? >> it from lite i have to say. in san jose, though, we seeing slowing because of a crash that happened earlier northbound 85, at the expressway, with a car versus a caltran truck. along the nimitz in oak, southbound along 880 at 16th, a stalled car blocking a lane and you can see at least a two-mile backup and delay. >> when we come
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>> second in san jose, and oakland at 55 and 56 in concord and mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay with temperatures above average although we will not be so warm as we were yesterday. air quality, watch out for the trees and grass and the ozone is going to stay within moderate range. the seven-day outlook shows near record highs today but 2
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♪ i love it >> look at that crowd out there in times square. they are going crazy this friday morning. everyone wants to know what is the biggest "deals & steals" ever behind that. >> tory. >> there you go. >> dan abrams. >> dan abrams, getting into it this morning. >> yes, and now look, we have his legal analysis. how can we take him seriously? "deals & steals" coming up in less than an hour. >> we will have some news ahead of us. >> that's why dan is here. >> not to dance. no offense to the dancing. he's here because we have the very latest on the jodi arias
7:31 am
murder trial which is finally wrapping up. the prosecution making a powerful and emotional closing argument during a dramatic day in court yesterday. we're going to get a review and preview on what's ahead. >> a man of untold talents, dan abrams. also, the stunning story, a mother would turned up alive years and years after she vanished. what her children are saying right now about a very sticky reconciliation. all right, and also the full police surveillance tape leaked overnight of reese witherspoon's surprising run-in with the law right after her apologetic interview with george here on "gma." >> wow. i wonder if she knew the tape was going to be released or not. that's the big question. all right. but first, the very latest on the jodi arias trial. the closing arguments by her defense team start today and thursday, prosecutor juan martinez called arias a manipulative liar who won't let travis alexander rest in peace. abc's ryan owens has more from the courtroom in phoenix.
7:32 am
>> she knew. she absolutely knew and had already planned it. she knew she was going to kill him. >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez believes jodi arias should die for killing her ex-boyfriend and he went for her jugular during closing arguments. >> she may cry now, but the jury instructions have told you that sympathy is not to be considered in this particular case. no doubt that she did it. >> reporter: he called the 32-year-old a master manipulator, a chameleon. >> absolutely without a shadow of a doubt she's a liar. >> reporter: martinez said her lying didn't stop when she pledged to tell the whole truth and took the witness stand for those 18 long days. >> it's like a field of lies that has sprouted around her as she sat on that witness stand. it's every time she spat something out, another lie,
7:33 am
another weed would grow around her. >> reporter: arias admits she repeatedly stabbed and shot 30-year-old mormon businessman travis alexander but testified it was in self-defense, that alexander abused her. >> everything in this case points to the fact that it did not happen. there are no medical reports. >> reporter: martinez reminded the jury of the brutality of the killing in june of 2008 by showing bloody crime scene photos and autopsy pictures of alexander's many wounds. his family and friends filled up three rows of the courtroom and shielded their eyes. >> and as he sits there, doesn't have any dignity either. she's taken that away from him. >> reporter: the usually animated prosecutor notorious for yelling at witnesses whispered as he described the attack. >> sitting there, not only is he defenseless, he does not have a gun, he does not have a knife.
7:34 am
>> reporter: later today arias' defense team will get their chance to deliver closing arguments to the jury hoping to convince at least one of the jurors jodi arias is a battered woman who doesn't deserve to die for what she did. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. and for more now let's turn to "gma's" legal analyst dan abrams. this was a big victory for the defense to get the option of first degree, second degree murder or manslaughter, wasn't it? >> absolutely. >> because if any of the jurors are inclined to compromise, manslaughter offers that opportunity. remember, if the jurors believe jodi arias' story even a little bit. >> that he lunged at her. >> that he lunged at her and then, let's say she didn't legally defend herself, she overreacted, shouldn't have killed him but if the jurors believe that account, that could be manslaughter. i mean he comes after her, she vastly overreacts and kills him, that could be considered manslaughter instead of murder.
7:35 am
i don't think that's how the jury will end up finding this case but it's a win for the defense. >> but you never know and to have the third option is a win for the defense. you have not been a fan at times of prosecutor juan martinez. how do you think he did? >> i think he did a good job. a lot of what i found overboard was effective here. i walked away from juan martinez's closing argument exactly as he would have hoped thinking to myself, wow, jodi arias has a terrible case here. >> well, the whole she won't let him rest in peace. she didn't just kill him, she's trying to kill his character by saying that he was an abuser, that he was into child pornography. >> three key issues he focused on premeditation, went through the crime moment by moment and he focused on her lies and i think those three things were effective. >> dan abrams, thanks so much. george? now to that strange story of the young mother who vanished 11 years ago. police and her family never thought they will find her alive and she was declared legally dead and resurfaced and stirring up controversy and complicated
7:36 am
emotions. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning the question of pennsylvania family and a nation is asking is how did brenda heist go from being a well-kept soccer mom to a woman living in a florida homeless community? for more than ten years lee heist thought his wife was dead after she seemingly vanished after dropping her kids at school in 2002. now comes news she's alive. >> certainly shocked me and i'm sure it shocked everybody that knows her. >> reporter: police say the mother of two decided to swap in her soccer mom lifestyle to hitchhike with three strangers along i-95 for one month before reaching southern florida. details are still emerging about what the one-time bookkeeper did in the last decade but it's been reported she spent much of it scavenging for food. >> she looked as if she let herself go. she looked as if she was not caring for herself. >> reporter: so, why did she disappear? >> she explained to me she just snapped. >> reporter: lee heist was initially a suspect in his
7:37 am
wife's disappearance. >> there were people in the neighborhood who would not allow their children to play with my children because of what they perceived i might be and that hurt me more than just about anything else. >> reporter: heist is reportedly now staying with a brother in northern florida and communicating with her mother via phone. her two children were just 8 and 1 when she disappeared. they're now adults. yesterday her daughter morgan, now 19, says she wants nothing to do with her mother calling her decision to abandon her family selfish. there is a lot to sort out here. there's a warrant-related issue. she now has a death certificate, her former husband has collected a life insurance policy on her and he has since remarried. really an unusual one. >> amazing that someone could disappear for that long. linsey, thanks very much. the weather from sam. >> every one of these weather segments is a headline on its own. we're going to start with the heavy rain from 4 to 7 inches of rain in just 4 hours in the
7:38 am
keys, by the way, but walk over here and let me show you why i love key west so much. this is how they handled it. you get out on duval street where the water is barely up to your knees, why not kayak around in the rain and the rainwater but let's show everyone else how difficult it was. an awful lot of flooded streets. a lot of folks trying to get the cars around. this is what's going on in florida. and it's not just florida, by the way. there are flood watches for atlanta, memphis, miami and st. louis. and this is why. take a look at the rain that hits this weekend and could stay for the full two days from the tip of florida all the way up to jacksonville with the hot spot there of 3 to 5 inches of rain on florida's first coast, to atlanta, then going to nashville then going to st. louis and, again, those flood watches out for this entire area as this rain is stalled in this direction, we think. now, the heat backs off on the west. this is very good news. watch the temperatures come down but it doesn't solve the problem. there'
7:39 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by kellogg's frosted mini wheats. and again, i just love how the keys will handle anything, easy, easy, easy. >> kayak. >> we should probably go down there. >> i could do a report. >> from a kayak. >> all right. coming up, the full police tape leaked overnight of reese witherspoon's run-in with the law. just after her apologetic interview here on "gma." here on "gma." alright, kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred 92. nice! follow me. the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww my 8 layers must've given it away. [ female announcer ] big days call for a breakfast packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains.
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back now at 7:43 with the latest on reese witherspoon. she was here thursday morning talking with george in an exclusive and apologetic interview. just hours later the full police surveillance tape of her run-in with the law leaked and abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> if you don't -- >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm allowed to stand on american ground and ask any question i want to ask. >> reporter: police dash cam video posted exclusively on tmz after midnight the morning of april 19th after oscar-winning actress reese witherspoon and her husband were pulled over in atlanta. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> nope. i told you -- >> i'm an american citizen. >> i told you to get in the car and stay there. >> this is beyond -- this is beyond.
7:44 am
>> reporter: we checked with georgia state police and they tell us the video wasn't released and somehow leaked. georgia state trooper jay pyland about to book her husband for drunk driving and arrest her for disorderly conduct. >> i have to obey your orders? i cannot. i did absolutely nothing. >> reese, reese. relex. >> i am now being arrested and handcuffed? >> reporter: the video surfacing just hours after the actress' live interview on "gma" with george stephanopoulos. >> i am so disrespectful to him and i have police officers in my family. i work with police officers every day. i know better, and it's just unacceptable. >> reporter: the actress repeatedly apologized for her actions. >> what happened? >> it's one of those nights, you know, we went out to dinner in atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine. we thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not. and it's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry
7:45 am
and embarrassed and we know better. >> reporter: in the report witherspoon is described as threatening the trooper with her celebrity asking do you know my name? this is how the scene played out. >> do you know my name? >> i don't need to know. >> you don't need to know? >> not quite. >> you're about to find out. >> i'm not real worried. i done told you how things work. >> i'm sorry. i absolutely 100% tried. i had nothing to do with that. >> reporter: witherspoon pleaded no contest and fined $213 for what she now says was a lesson learned. >> when a police officer tells you to stay in the car, you stay in the car, i learned that for sure. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> another lesson learned, everything is on tape these days. >> that was rolling. all right, everybody, coming up, jennifer aniston reveals one of her biggest
7:46 am
secrets for staying in shape. how she cheats though on her diet. she reveals. you know, friday, "play of the day." it's one of my favorite plays of the day from portland, oregon, stick around for it. it's a wonderful one. the capital one cash rewards card
7:47 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> it's a beautiful one and it comes from the beautiful game, you know i love my soccer, and good things happen on the pitch, especially here in portland. that's atticus lane-dupre. he has cancer, fighting, tough little kid. he wanted to play against the local mls team, the timbers, who are supported by a brilliant fan base and they got to scrimmage. >> oh. that's so nice. >> and in front of 3,000 fans who came out and watched. atticus' team took it home, 10-9. atticus scored four goals and that's how it got to end. >> look at that.
7:51 am
>> that is -- >> i tell you, they call it the beautiful game for a reason and it could happen in no better place than portland, oregon, where they do love it so and got the man of the match. good for you, atticus. coming up, the countdown clock is counting down tory very quickly. >> and security trying to get behind the box. ♪ >> icona pop, as well. go nowhere. ♪ >> icona pop as well. go nowhere. ♪
7:52 am
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now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. a plan that flies on nothing but the power of the sun left the bay area on the 50 legg on a historic cross-country flight. the plane has the wing respond of a 747 but weighs only as much as a small car taking off from moffett field and will reach phoenix at 1:00 o'clock this morning. a lot of sun out there, a lost warmth, too. >> no one town view could have a record high of 89 and, as well, oakland at 82. 70's look the coast and san francisco and 90's mostly to the east bay valley and the 20-degree drop across the board
7:57 am
sunday into monday. >> we have a report of a multi-vehicle accident pushed to the shoulder in marin county along southbound 101 out of mar intoward san rafael, this is where the crash occurred and everything is over to the shoulder and plenty of spectators slowing out
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it >> it is the moment we've been counting down to all week taking over times square with the deal of the decade. huge. mega, our biggest steal ever. so unbelievable we're throwing a party with the planet's hottest act right now to tell you what it is. get ready, america. "gma's" biggest "deals & steals" dance party starts right now. ♪ i don't care i love it >> and a whole bunch of glow sticks out there in times square. dj kiss in the control room. >> oh. >> keeping cool.
8:01 am
not that crowd out in times square. a lot of excitement this friday as we prepare for the biggest deal that we've ever had. dancing, the crowd, smiles and a huge, huge surprise right behind that box with tory johnson. >> i can't wait to see what's in that. >> our security guard was attacked. >> rich, the security guard is being trampled. look at the control room. >> oh! >> oh u, there she is. >> no, no, no. >> take the shot. >> there you go. >> go, bambi, go, bambi. >> we're excited and have the hottest group, icona pop, the swedish pop duo with -- you're hearing right now. they're here live to play their huge hit "i love it." >> i want to go back in. first, we have dj kiss spinning us into our weekend.
8:02 am
can we get another look at dj kiss? >> how did dancers get in there? >> dj kiss. >> what about that dancing director? where is that dancing director? >> oh, yeah. >> can we see? there it is. >> and a graphic. >> anything goes on this show. anything can happen. >> we don't know. >> all right. on a more serious note, big drama for lindsay lohan. the actress is now back in the headlines after reportedly skipping out on court-appointed rehab, i know. >> last night. >> you know, went from hmm to ah. how does jennifer aniston look so good? she's going to reveal one of her top secrets on looking great. she says, she says a cheat day is essential but i think a cheat month is bad? >> she's my kind of girl. >> yeah, me too. >> we got a lot coming up. let's bring the music down and get some news from josh.
8:03 am
>> we'll return to california, george. we begin with the wildfire burning out of control, expanding now north of los angeles. wind-driven fire. those santa anas deadly and they are pushing this fire that's already consumed over 8,000 acres more than 12 square miles, it has pushed through to the pacific. a late surge forcing new rounds of evacuations, so many homes as you see there already going up in flames. thousands more are threatened and we'll have updates throughout the morning. meanwhile, a u.s. military plane such as the one you see here has crashed on its way to afghanistan. the refueling tanker reportedly exploded in midair over kyrgyzstan. no word yet on how many were on board but no survivors are expected to be found. and sources say the surviving boston bombing suspect told the fbi that the marathon was not the original target. dzhokhar tsarnaev said he and his brother were planning to attack a july 4th celebration in boston, but had finished their bombs
8:04 am
early and we also learned found out tamerlan spoke to his widow by phone after the attacks. if you have any pizza in the freezer, check the labels. digiorno and california pizza kitchen are recalling certain kinds of frozen pizza that may be contaminated with fragments of plastic, they were made between february 26th and march 9th. we urge you to logon to on yahoo! for full details. and speaking of pizza, dominos trying something new, an online pizza cam. you can call it up and when you order from home you can logon and quite literally watch your pizza being made. cameras tracking it through the -- >> i like it. >> you like this? you like this idea? they're trying it out in utah. if it hits in utah it's going national. >> you get to see it if hey give it to the delivery guy. >> i asked for extra cheese, there it is.
8:05 am
i like that. >> i don't know. >> it takes police state to an entirely new level. >> don't you watch your car go through the car wash? >> that's different. >> no, i want to make sure they're cleaning it. >> you guys continue. you guys go there and i am going to bring some really happy news, in fact, i dare say it's a whale of a win right here in our "gma" family. >> what? >> sam champion, sam champion recognized for his excellent work on "sea rescue." and for that, sam, i have a whale of a win trophy, sam has been given a telly award honoring outstanding programming and productions and i understand that sam did not wear a black tie in his acceptance speech but a wet suit for the tv awards. >> oh, no. this is -- appreciate it. this is such a surprise. i mean i don't know what to say except where's the camera? join us for all new "sea rescues" saturday mornings.
8:06 am
on most of your abc stations. >> did you rescue this one? >> that one didn't go so well. >> you guys -- >> oh, there it is. bromance alive and well. and hey, everybody, rubber ducky, you're the one. you make bath time so much fun. "sesame street" will be jealous of this one. a supersized rubber ducky floated into hong kong's harbor. 54 feet long. it's inflatable and it's a sculpture from the mind of a dutch artist. everything great comes from the dutch. remember that big knit man pillow. that was -- >> that was fantastic. >> for that one. >> the artist says he was inspired to do this because a rubber ducky brings up images and feelings of being young again when there is no stress in your life, you weren't worried about paying the rent. and i have to agree. you see that picture and you just smile. the ducky is coming to cities around the world and coming to the u.s. the artist will not say where or when.
8:07 am
my guess is you won't miss it when it arrives. >> statue of liberty. >> sam is going to try to rescue it. that's my fear. >> an award will be given for that. and finally, hit it, lily. ♪ you can grow idea in the garden of your mind of your mind it's good to be curious ♪ >> the tune, coming to a neighborhood theater near you, a biopic on the children show's icon. the story line under wraps from treehouse pictures saying rogers' ability to find the good in anyone will make a cinematic experience. as mr. rogers says and we should think about on friday, you can grow ideas in the garden of your mind. >> thanks. we'll get to sam with the weather. >> george, there is no way we can get everybody in. tell me your name. >> jordan. >> where are you from? >> shreveport, louisiana. >> new zealand. >> from toronto. >> wait, look over here. hi.
8:08 am
it's tory. how are you? dancing. come over here. times square. all the way out in times square. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. it's insanity in times square. how about a live shot of new york city? it is a cool, crisp kind of springy day. a little bit and we'll take you through the weekend. that little low will back in some cooler air but temperatures are great. need to hit the big headline in the west. it's another day of heat, near record levels in southern california and also
8:09 am
>> come on, tory. we're friends. we're friends. >> this is the number one thing that was asked for. >> it is very big. i don't think you'll get her to tell you but here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." jennifer aniston revealing top tips for looking great, calling it her cheat day. we meet the woman who spent a year without looking in the mirror, how that changed her life. and tory is just holding off and she will not reveal but it's almost time for our biggest "deals & steals" ever, all coming up on "gma" right here in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of caltrate, the number one selling calcium and vitamin d3 supplement brand. ♪ a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem,
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8:14 am
♪ every kiss begins with kay times square today. now it's time for the "gma heat index," the hottest stories trending. jennifer aniston right at the top sharing the secrets of her workout and rewards and abc's reena ninan has the details. >> jennifer, you look beautiful. >> reporter: the forever elegant, dazzling and impeccably flawless jennifer aniston is well known for her killer legs and chiseled arms but the 44-year-old actress admits she gives credit for her flawless physique to yoga and cheat days. >> jennifer, right there. >> reporter: yep, you heard right. at a "self" magazine red carpet event last tuesday night, america's sweetheart admitted to having frequent cheat dates
8:15 am
where she indulges in her favorite foods, but she says always in moderation. cheat days for me are usually mexican food, maybe italian pasta. >> all about being gentle with yourself. >> reporter: and this idea is not unheard of. in a new article "self" magazine says it's okay to cheat on your diet as long as you cheat at the right time. if you want fatty foods, eat them by 10:00 a.m. so you can burn them off all day. are you craving carbs? eat them by 1:00 p.m. it'll keep you from snacking for the rest of the day. and if you have a sweet tooth, indulge around 2:00 p.m. for an instant sugar rush during your midafternoon slump. >> to have a healthy, balanced life, you have to have what we call happy calories. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> okay, let's get more on this in today's hot topics with leslie jane seymour. from "more" magazine.
8:16 am
cheat days make sense, right? >> i'm cheating every day. i didn't know it was news. i mean -- >> it does, though, go to a healthy approach like don't starve yourself. don't, you know -- because if you don't have a cheat day, you end up falling totally off the wagon and have a cheat month. >> isn't it sad that that's news like eating like a normal human being and paranoid about exercising. >> her cheat day was nothing like the rock's cheat day. >> i think with celebrities particularly, every move they make is watched. everything they do, people want to mimic, so if they're at least coming out and saying, hey, you have to be easy on yourself, you have to eat then i think people -- maybe it's the message. >> eat normally and that's a good thing, isn't that great? >> what a message. >> especially if you're lindsey lohan. dan abrams here today. supposed to start rehab yesterday, looks like she didn't make it. >> she's not in the rehab center she was supposed to be in. remember, this is now a
8:17 am
violation of probation, not for the original crime which was stealing the necklace, this is for a later violation with regard to a traffic accident where she was charged with reckless driving and lying to the authorities. the sentence was she was supposed to be in rehab. remember, she served 250 days in five rehab facilities already. >> i guess the dispute -- we don't know all the details. she doesn't want to go to this rehab center. >> apparently she walked in, checked it out and said, you know what, this one isn't the right one for me. >> changing it. >> what more does she have to do? >> well, you know, the interesting thing, she's actually -- the crime she's charged with are not significant crimes but just keeps getting put on probation and keeps violating the probation and it extends even further and further and further. >> but if you and i violated probation, somebody would slam a -- >> absolutely. >> absolutely wouldn't -- we wouldn't be talking about it like this, oh, you did it again.
8:18 am
it would be over. >> or you didn't like the place so you can't go in. if she was jane doe, she would be put in there, right. >> everyone says if she were somebody else she would have had it much harder. i don't know. the truth is, considering the crimes are not that significant, she's kind of getting what other people would get if they kept getting busted again and again and again. >> lindsey lohan, dan, thanks very much. next, in our "gma heat index," a surprising move by h&m. one mommy blogger is on a mission to prove the clothing giant has the right idea. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ >> reporter: they are the image we usually conjure up when we think of women in bikinis, long, lean, flawless. but let's face it, the average american woman is a size 14. even retailer h&m known just last season for this ad has gotten into the bikinis for all women spirit with their new ad campaign featuring this size 12 model.
8:19 am
>> i really just want women to be happy at any weight. >> reporter: mom of three, blogger brittany gibbons is on a mission to inspire plus size women. she weighs in at more than 200 pounds and she says women like her shouldn't be limited by their weight. >> i'm comfortable in my skin. this is how i look at this weight. i want other people to see what women look like at a real weights. i turned 30 and i became a swimsuit model. >> reporter: to make her point she gave a talk in which she stripped down to her bathing suit. but recently she decided she really wanted to wear a swimsuit and not just model one and the search for the perfect bikini was on. >> when i pulled one out and it didn't work it was actually really emotional and it would result in me crying or sitting in my closet. i learned a lot about myself. >> reporter: after trying dozens, she settled on two options which she shared with her readers. >> i put the pictures up and the response was immediate. >> reporter: the response was mostly positive but not all. >> how on earth i found a husband or why i'm even allowed
8:20 am
to have children around me. >> reporter: not one to let cruel words stop her brittany is unwavering in her mission and even has some unexpected support in the fashion world. >> i think we all need to just channel our inner brittany gibbons and say, hey, i'm not a perfect size 2. but this is my body. i want to go out. i want to have fun. >> you might not get in a bikini this year or next year but in two years down the line you'll try it on and that's a huge step for women. sflr. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> all right. love that. >> hear, hear. hey, also burning up our "heat index" an update on a story we covered last summer. a bride-to-be who took a drastic step to raise her self-esteem. take a look. meet kjerstin gruys, for an entire year, we're talking 52 weeks she removed mirrors from her daily life. that meant no checking herself out in the morning, no looking into a mirror while she applied makeup. no monitoring her reflection when she drove.
8:21 am
>> i'm curious about what i look like. i have no idea what my haircut looks like. >> reporter: and get this, kjerstin even refused to look at herself on that important of days, her wedding day. >> i don't get that, oh, i'm a bride. i don't have any regrets about not seeing myself on my wedding day. i think i was able to more fully engage in the day itself. i think i look good. >> reporter: and if she didn't, she had plenty of backup. >> i knew no one was going to let me walk down the aisle with broccoli in my teeth. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. [ cheers ] >> reporter: kjerstin's experiment chronicled in her new book "mirror, mirror off the wall" is one she says aimed at saving her self-esteem. plagued by eating disorders as a teen, kjerstin, now a size 10, says mirrors have had a tendency of driving her into a
8:22 am
self-doubting spiral. time for kjerstin to be reintroduced to a once-familiar face, her own in a mirror lined with well wishes on post-it notes from supporters. >> all: three, two, one. whoo! >> you guys look great. [ cheers ] >> reporter: today a year after the experiment kjerstin says she likes more than ever what she sees. >> i see a happy, energetic and passionate woman. >> reporter: her advice to all women especially those who catch themselves worrying about their appearance. >> the mirrors are never the problem. don't worry about having the best lips on the planet. remind yourself of all the other things you have going on and then the emphasis on your appearance becomes more healthy and pleasurable. [ cheers ] >> looks great and really good advice. i think it even gives you -- >> can you imagine not looking at yourself in the mirror for a
8:23 am
year. how do you floss your teeth? >> we have to. >> she did it and good for her. her memoir "mirror, mirror, off the wall, how i learned to love my body by not looking at it for a year" is out. josh and sam, the big moment has arrived. >> here we go. there it is. at long last, at long last we have the students from the broadway dance center here helping us get ready because it's the ultimate deal time. the sirens are here. the crowd is here. times square is here. we love it! >> oh, boy. times square. >> it's about time. >> everybody -- >> all: what's the deal? >> ready to reveal the first one. >> the first one. what do we have here? okay. all right. here we go. >> this is a double reveal, baby, and this is in honor of you. >> uh-oh. >> this is an unbelievable pentax camera. this goes under water. you can swim and snap at 45
8:24 am
feet. you can drop it at 6 1/2 feet. this is a camera that you can take anywhere. you can throw it in the backseat with the kids. you can -- >> tory, i can do that? >> yes, you can do that and it will still work. this is a thing that you cannot do this with your phone camera. this is a truly rugged device. if they call it life-proof. it is life-proof. >> you get a lot of questions -- you were just saying, look, we're down to these last two deals, a lot of people who ask you about, hey, can i get a deal on this. >> cameras are second most popular. so this is normally, with a two-year warranty, with the memory card, $439, slashed by 55%, $200. >> a deal so hot, ladies and gentlemen, that we need firefighters. we need new york's bravest. do we have them? do we have them?
8:25 am
where are they? >> you're it. here we go. >> oh. >> hang on. >> ready. >> ready. >> all: what's that deal? >> are we ready? this is it, tory. >> we are ready. we are ready. blown away. this is a dell 14-inch ultrabook computer. it is the number one thing that everybody asks for. they want computers. moms, dads, grads, anything on the go. check this out. >> you don't get deals on computers. >> let me tell you dell employees get a fraction of this, "gma" viewers are about to get 50% off of this. less than an inch thing. so fast. high battery life. two-year service guarantee with this, it is unbelievable. normally $1,343. slashed in half for "gma" viewers, 671 bucks. >> hey, we want to thank the companies all week long for supporting us.
8:26 am
logon, all the codes and links you need. get in there. but go nowhere because the hottest pop duo on the planet icona pop performing live! ♪ i've got this feeling on this summer day when you were gone i crashed my car into the bridge i watched i let it burn ♪ ♪ i threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs i crashed my car into the bridge ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it i don't care i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it i don't care i love it ♪
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news. firefighters are working to contain a wildfire in ventura county which has grown to 10,000 acres. officials now say that it is threatening 4,000 homes and bay area crews pitching in and san mateo and san ramon sent aid. more resources will be spent for another fire burning. the ache rather have been revised to 8,000 and only ten percent contained. leyla gulen has the commute. >> multi-vehicle crash in walnut creek along westbound 24 coming away from 680 before you reach pleasant hill. those cars are in the center divider but we are looking at a
8:28 am
mile backup, bumper to bumper track, and a quick look at a picture of 280 coming away from 17, we are hooking at delays out there through san jose. kristen? >> thanks. a check on the foreca
8:29 am
>> we are still in the 50's in the north bay and san francisco and half moon bay and everyone else in the 60's, and today, want out for pollen again, and we are boeing to have high amendments of free and grass pollen. the ozone, know, will be fine.
8:30 am
temperatures are still above average, with record highs ♪ this is crazy. people are so excited. look at the broad way dancers. dj kiss in the control room. everybody going so crazy, why, josh? >> here's why, because we are happy to have the electropop duo icona pop here this morning. we've been hearing it all morning. "i love it" from their ep burning the charts all over the world, in fact, they are starting. they'll be headlining at the billboard music awards may 19th right here on abc. their north american tour kicks off august 12th. with no further ado, we all love it, it's "i love it."
8:31 am
it's icona pop. ♪ i got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i watched i let it burn ♪ ♪ i threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i don't care i love it i don't care ♪ ♪ i got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i watched i let it burn ♪ ♪ i threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i don't care i love it i don't care ♪ ♪ you're a different road i'm in the milky way you want me down on earth but i am up in space ♪
8:32 am
♪ you're so damn hard to please we gotta kill this switch ♪ ♪ you're from the '70s but i'm a '90s i love it i love it ♪ ♪ i got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i watched i let it burn ♪ ♪ i threw your stuff into a bag and pushed it down the stairs ♪ ♪ i crashed my car into the bridge i don't care i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it i love it i don't care i love it i don't care ♪ ♪ you're on a different road i'm in the milky way ♪ ♪ you want me down on earth but i am up in space ♪
8:33 am
♪ you're so damn hard to please we got to kill this switch ♪ ♪ you're from the '70s but i'm a '90s -- ♪ i don't care i love it i don't care i love it i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it i don't care i love it i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care ♪ i love it [ cheers and applause ] >> unbelievably i'm coming in. i'm coming in with you guys. i can't even believe what's happening in times square right now. are you guys having fun?
8:34 am
>> yeah, are you? >> were you just walking down the street. >> we came from ohio on the red-eye. >> you're kidding me. i absolutely love that. let's get to the boards. you guys, you let us know you came to times square, a little bit of dancing. one or two things we want to share with you on this friday. i hope you have as great a weekend as friday is turning out for us. a picture out of malibu. here are the fires, the smoke going to the water. this is not going to get better, that situation. it's still hot, still dry and still a little bit of wind although it many comes down tomorrow. here's where it moves across the country. a good part will feel warm over the weekend over the next several days but rain will stay in the southeast. it's the southeast all the way to florida, folks and may last all weekend long however right here in times square, how about if we keep it cool and comfortable?
8:35 am
>> this may be my favorite moment ever in times square. i didn't think it could get any better than this. you guys, i love you being here. let's go back in to elizabeth. elizabeth? >> all right, thank you so much. we have been going gatsby and this morning we're thrilled to have joel edgarton who plays daisy's husband. even though he's got a woman on the side he's not happy that gatsby is making the moves on his wife. >> i will ask mr. gatsby one more question. >> oh, please, please, go on. go on. >> what kind of a round are you trying to cause? >> he isn't causing a rile. you're causing a rile. please have a little self-control. >> self-control? oh, i suppose the latest thing
8:36 am
is to sit back and let mr. nobody from nowhere make love to your wife. well, if that's the idea, you can count me out. >> and joining us is joel edgerton. great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> you stepped into the role after ben affleck stepped out of it. >> yeah, ben was supposed to do -- >> "argo." >> he was going to be tom and thankfully someone gave him a pile of money to do "argo" and made us both happy. >> i want to read a quote from the movie and book. it's about daisy and tom. they were careless people, tom and daisy, do you know this by heart? >> no, not the whole book. >> they smashed up things and creatures and retreated back into their money, their vast carelessness or whatever kept them together and let other people clean up their mess. >> you should read stories. pretty good. >> he's a beast, tom is a beast, you said. was he fun to play? >> yeah, it was a lot of fun to play. look, it's a great gift to play
8:37 am
a character like tom buchanan. he's all the things you would hate to recognize in yourself in life. but that you really enjoy playing on screen because you can go home and not be them once you finish work. and tom is all the great calls that i'm glad that i'm not. well, i hope that i'm not. >> he's selfish, spoiled and competitive. >> and like a womanizer and very rich. >> you say actually -- you've said actually you stayed in character during part of the movie and things got tense between you and leonardo dicaprio who plays gatsby on the set. >> i think tavis taken a little out of context. we got along really well. we -- like the plaza scene which you saw a clip from we shot for a number of days and tension was very high when we rolled, but we had a good time off set. >> yeah. >> wray. >> and the clothes were fun to wear. you loved them. >> the clothes were amazing. when you talk about that, you
8:38 am
have to talk about catherine martin as a team,s a designer, she is incredible and the clothes were just such a gift for the actors too. my clothes were like boring compared to everybody else's but they felt great. >> you'd like to wear those every day. >> i would love to steal all my clothes from "the great gatsby" and become tom buchanan but a nicer version. >> you're a nicer version in person. i'm a big fan of another movie you did "warrior" which you were incredible in. >> thank you very much. >> and prepared enormously, i heard. went to such extremes for that. >> a lot of chickens died so that we could, you know, muscle up for "warrior." >> you were great in "the great gatsby." great to have you here this morning. >> thank you very much. >> well, good luck to you. >> thank you. >> "the great gatsby" opens in theaters nationwide may 10th. coming up cher and her mother speak out in a rare interview. you don't want to miss it and dj kiss is here. don't go away. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> tgif. dj kiss in the control room and a great crowd out in times square along with my pal cynthia mcfadden. very excited to share this with you. cher, entertaining fans for decades now, singer, actress, fashion icon, but it has been a very long time since she's
8:42 am
released a new album. a decade to be exact. the wait is almost over set to release one in the fall and crafted what may be the best mother's day gift. a documentary devoted to her own mom and, cynthia, you sat down with her and bring us the story. >> they're had a top ten hit in every one of the last five decades and she is still rocking it hard, a force of nature at 66 years old and her 86-year-old mother georgia holt married eight times to six different men. cher says there was never a man in her house growing up. take a look. ♪ if i could turn back time >> reporter: for five decades she has sizzled. ♪ do you believe in love after love ♪ >> reporter: and survived. despite the odds. where does it come from? ♪ i'll always love you >> reporter: well, she just might be her mother's daughter.
8:43 am
♪ you are my tromorrow and i'm your yes tyesterday ♪ >> reporter: she's sizzling in her own right. ♪ i'm moving on. >> reporter: now cher has created a documentary in her honor. "dear mom, love cher" documenting life growing up along with her younger sister. tell me the truth you like one of them better, don't you? >> they're each different. this one is real -- >> uh-oh. what, mom? >> strong. >> as opposed to me? >> no. >> mom. >> were you a good mother? >> considering that i got them raised and they both are gorgeous and they both have tremendous character. >> you were not a conventional mother in many ways. >> no. i wasn't. >> married eight times to six different men. >> the third was john -- >> and then -- >> i'm trying to remember. >> reporter: georgia doesn't remember the order.
8:44 am
>> my father insisted you could not go to bed with a man unless you were married. >> reporter: she took the advice to heart but the marriages often didn't last long and georgia and the girls were poor. sometimes dirt poor. >> we had really hard times then she'd marry someone rich and go from like that to a mansion in beverly hills. >> you were ravishingly beautiful. >> thank you. >> did you enjoy it? >> no. >> she didn't even know it. >> i didn't know it. >> reporter: she came to hollywood with dreams of being a singer but wound up on the fringes scoring small parts on big shows. >> here comes another one. >> oh. >> reporter: so when some old songs georgia recorded over 30 years ago turned up in a garage -- ♪ you're going to watch your momma but your momma says keep moving on. >> reporter: cher decided to give her a gift by remastering them and re-releasing them. georgia's life dream finally coming true. ♪ i almost -- >> your voices are so similar. >> they're not the same voice
8:45 am
but when we're doing the harmonies together it's like the everly brothers, you really can't tell. >> reporter: so when she was starting out and you heard her singing, what did you think? >> i realized that she was going to be a huge star. ♪ >> reporter: did you feel a little pang of it was your dr m dream? >> no, i'm thrilled she did what i wanted to do. i don't think i was equipped strengthwise to do it. >> reporter: because you've seen up close, it ain't just about going out and singing. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: to put up with the criticism. >> you have no idea how crushed i get. it's not like i don't want to come back but i'm crushed and crushed and crushed and still come back. >> reporter: you thought you've always been an outsider. >> yep. >> reporter: do you still feel that way. with the academy award. with every accomplishment. >> i just fall into this strange subgroup of my own.
8:46 am
♪ a woman's world >> reporter: talk for a second about the new album. what's it about? >> it's about being fabulous. >> okay. i'll accept that. >> truthfulfully i'm not a huge cher fan and said this a million times but this is probably the best album i've ever done. >> we talked a lot about you being a daughter. i want to ask about being a mother. it's been reported that you and chaz are taking a, quote, break from one another. is that true? >> no. i usually hear the reports but i haven't heard that. >> where would you say the two of you are these days. >> i think great. >> i'm sure you've learned many things from your mother. tell us. >> if it doesn't matter in five years it doesn't matter. and if you ca can make sure you don't go to jail, steal something. >> i ask your time every time i interview her if there's anything good about getting older and she always says -- >> no. >> as long as i stay healthy, i
8:47 am
think it's great. as long -- >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> no, really, babe. honestly. >> reporter: mother and daughter still. ♪ some things never change >> georgia's cd is out now. they're comes out in september and tells me, lara, she's undecided about touring, but do yourself a favor and watch this documentary. it is totally charming. >> i bet it is and it airs on lifetime on monday, may 6th. thank you very much, cynthia. that was great. and what else is fun? coming up, recipes from one of new york's top chefs and the broadway dancers taking us into the weekend. ♪ i pushed my car into the bridge ♪ ♪ and pushed it down the stairs i crashed my car into the bridge
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ [ cheers ] and that's how it was when she appeared. it's a fun crowd, i think it's fair to say. it's an awfully fun friday. time now for a little secret ingredient showdown, michael romano, he's the culinary director of the union square hospitality group, has a new cookbook called "family table." it's full of the best food you might never eat in a restaurant unless you work in one. that meal the restaurant has before they serve you. >> they have to keep their energy up in busy restaurants all night long. this is the food that's designed to fuel the staff.
8:51 am
we're going to taste these separately, josh will take the first one. i'll do the second. lara the third -- and we'll try to guess the secret ingredient. >> you come to new york city and eat at union square cafe if you can get in. fried chicken. the favorite ingredient. sam, go ahead. >> i'll have that one. >> do the whole bite. do the whole bite. do the whole bite. >> look at that. >> mm-mm. >> all right. >> all these ingredients. >> that's really one of the best. secret ingredient. it's delicious. you got to try it. >> secret ingredient is -- >> go ahead. >> give me a hint. >> no. >> there's no hint. >> the secret ingredient is delicious. >> all right. the secret ingredient is delicious. or graham cracker crumbs. >> that's the specific color. easy. >> that texture is terrific. that's amazing. okay. >> gives it that golden brown color and sweetness. >> okay, now. >> "gma live." >> secret ingredient, michael. >> secret ingredient -- >> secret ingredient soup.
8:52 am
>> all right. >> secret ingredient soup. delicious. what is it? >> we know it's a restaurant. it's a family meal. i don't know if people know that. >> you know, for those who roll in at weird hours -- >> what is it? >> white wine? what is it? >> are we ready? >> no way. >> yeah. >> delicious. >> that is amazing. >> all right. running out of time. a secret ingredient. lara, you got to taste it. secret ingredient on the -- >> on this. >> the ingredient that's not in there, which is interesting, there's no oil in the dressing. >> no oil dressing. >> oil-free dressing. >> maple syrup. >> maple syrup. >> i was just going to say that. >> i got to tell you we got to go but -- >> you guys are 0 for 3. >> book by him is "family table." log on for the recipes. more icona pop.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" brought to you by bush's country style baked beans still made from our secret family recipe. >> take it on the road. >> on the road. global entertainment music festival. every day. download the new yahoo! app.
8:56 am
find out where we are. big concerts, the lumineers, john legend. >> crazy good. we'll have more on "gma live." you'll stay with us. >> hang out with you guys. >> big thanks. to icona pop. how about one more song? >> yes. ♪ but i'm a '90s chick. i don't care i love it ♪ ♪ i don't care i love it ♪ i love it i don't care
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news. >> the warriors advance in the playoffs and face the spurs in san antonio on monday night. the warrior had a special guest last night at the game, 12-year-old aaron hern. he is back home after the boston marathon explosions. the family will speak with reporters this morning. glad to see him doing well. mike nicco, our meteorologist, still hot? >> still, above average by 11 to 18 degrees and a record high of 82 in oakland and 89 in mountain view and 90's in the east bay valleys but look at the 20-degree drop by sunday. >> accident free in san jose along 87 as you make the drive to downtown san jose, right by h.p. pavilion and we have this, a stalled big rig as you make the drive up to the tolls on the golden gate bridge and that is causing a little bit of backup out there.
9:00 am
kristen? >> please join us for the midday ews at announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." "the great f of gatsby," isla fisher, and from family tyree, actor chris o'dowd. and our top teacher grand prize, our final finalist. all next on emmy-winning "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] kelly: oh, my goodness.

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